Red Bull




Skateboarding is an important aspect of Shawn Rossmiller’s life.  Skateboarding injuries, such as a shattered ankle, and a slew of head injuries disabled him from skating; in that new time frame he discovered his passion for photography.  Rossmiller started with a Nikon N75, which was a 35mm film camera that was used at the end of a hard day of skating or in the case of an injury. The injury that really fueled his addiction to photography was a shattered ankle, which hindered him from skating for 5 months.  This injury gave him a lot of free time around skateboarding, without actually being able to skate.  With the grace of a great present: a Nikon D200, fisheye lens, and one flash, he was able to progress through trial and error finding what worked with different styles of lighting and angles of shooting.  The rush of capturing the perfect moment, emotion, and power of the skaters is what really attracts Shawn to action sports photography.  Harnessing, freezing, and reproducing that particular moment in time, is the goal of all of his photography.  Today, the identifying factor of all skate photography is the fisheye lens, which is why it is Shawn’s goal to use this lens only when the situation deems it necessary.  Long lenses and wireless flashes are the new approach taken during his photo shoots, as is notable in this current body of work. Also the use of Medium Format cameras, such as his Mamiya RZ67 and his Hasselblad 500C/M, gives him a unique style in action sports photography. Enjoy!